Discharge printing and more

The last couple of sessions at Chimera we’ve been experiementing with discharge printing using dishwasher liquid. Some great results below, you can click on any of the images to see it bigger.



And a few other things this week being worked on…







Sue G






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Needle-felting with Miriam

We had a great session with Miriam Forder, who showed us some interesting techniques on an embellisher machine. Everyone worked with their machines and most of us continued working and developing the pieces over two weeks. Thank you Miriam for a very inspiring session for Chimera.

I didn’t manage to photograph all of the pieces, do send me more images of you have them.

Here are a selection:-

Sue Gilchrist

Sue Gilchrist’s piece has had lots of hand stitch added

Pauline Foster

Pauline Foster’s landscape has machine stitch

Susanne Owen

Susanne Owen’s landscape, I really love the sky in this one

Mary Sotheran

Mary Sotheran’s piece, lovely shapes and colours

Alison Reynolds

Alison Reynolds has added hand stitch, and used a really exciting mixture of fabrics

Chris Jones - work in progress

Chris Jones’s landscape is very much work in progress here. I didn’t get a picture of how it developed as Chris worked on the middle and  foreground. It was looking very different by the end of the session.

Moya McCarthy - front of a covered book

Moya McCarthy’s has lots of lovely hand stitches and is covering a book – this is the front

Moya - the back cover

and the back cover

Ronnie White

Ronnie White’s piece, gorgeous colours and lines

Pauline - work in progress

Pauline’s  work in progress, my photograph hasn’t captured the really vibrant colours in this

Pauline - this is the back of the piece - really good!

and the back of the piece – really good!

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Gelli (and other) printing session

We had a good session last week printing by various methods, some had gelli plates and others a variety of other things to mono print from: ikea chopping boards, perspex sheets and similar. Sue made some gelatin plates which several of us experimented with, they were quite soft and broke down delightfully as we printed.

Below are some of the results, sorry I didn’t get my camera out until some of you had gone home, as I had a very messy session! If you have pictures of more work please send and I’ll add it.

Alison R's printing with gelli plate on paper

Alison R’s printing with gelli plate on paper. Patterns from pressing objects and drawing into the paint. Alison used thickened dyes to print with (left over from the breakdown printing) and lots of interesting patterned objects.

Pauline's printed with gelli plate and some other methods too

Pauline’s printed with gelli plate and some other methods too. Patterns from print blocks Pauline had made previously. I think Pauline used acrylic paint to print mixed with acrylic medium?


a few more of Pauline’s

Jane's printed with gellatin plat ean dother methids - many of them coloured afterwards too, which is very effective

Jane’s printed with a gellatin plate and other methods onto paper – some had been coloured previously with a variety of media- many of them Jane coloured afterwards with a thin wash, which is very effective taking out most of the white background. Where the white shows it has been printed with gel /gloss medium as a resist.

Emma's using a gelatin plate and  grid patten onto fabric

Emma’s using a gelatin plate and grid patten onto fabric. The grid is from a pizza base which shows up well.

Some of mine, which were breakdown gelatin plate printed , lots of texture from the plate as it literally cracked up!

Some of mine, which were ‘breakdown’ gelatin plate printed. Thank you Sue for making the plate. There is lots of texture from the plate as it literally cracked up! By the end I had pieces of gelatin stuck to the paper, but it dried OK.  I did also use bubble wrap, natural sponge and threads to resist. All of mine are on paper with acrylic paint. I started mixing the colours with block print medium, but later just used acrylic, as it was just as effective on the gelatin.

a few more of mine

A few more of mine, showing some of grids, bubblewrap and string resist. Some layers were made using ikea plastic chopping board plate before using the gelatin plate.


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Display at Ruthin Library

We set up a display today in the cases at Ruthin Library. Here are some images of some of the lovely work:-

eight eleven fifteen five four fourteen noine one oneten six sixteen ten three thriteen two

The display will be there for 1 month.

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A taste of our day at Rhuddlan

27th March 2015


Alison R was working on denim, inspired by Japanese Boro. Lots of piecing with recycled fabrics.


Chris was working on ideas for pair of shoes based on india. Lovely rich red velvet and decorations.


Di had a new spiral of lace on the go, with wire and hand dyed and some handspun threads. It is destined to be 3D.


Moya finished another lovely pebble.


Di and Alison R brought along their books from a recent workshop with Jennifer Collier. This is Alison’s laminated front cover.


I think this page was Di’s? Using transfer techniques with tape.


Di’s using teabags and trapped items and a piece of lovely handspun yarn (by Chris)


Alison’s Teabags, trapped items and wax


Alison’s – more tea anyone?


Alison’s lots of trapped objects


Alison’s carrier bags – I like the strange stamp and ‘without selve’


Alison’s windows in envelopes and transfer techniques


Alison’s layers are intriguing


Di’s window in envelope makes you want to turn the page


Di’s again, I like the bags with lettering


Di’s Teabag with tatting and more


Another lovely window view of Di’s


Di’s trapping and bonding


and then … some of the yummy threads being used today. I bet you can guess whose!


lovely threads


lots of lovely threads being used today

Threads and sparkly things!


I was also working with boro inspiration. I made two samples today that are machine stitched. These are destined for travelling books! (Alison C)





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Demo Day

This week is your last chance to see our exhibition in Denbigh Library.

Plus..  on Friday 13th March we are holding a demo day at the exhibition. Most of Chimera are going to be there and we’ll be showing how some of the work was made.

hope to see you there


Chimerademo Chimerademooone

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More images from the Denbigh Exhibition

Pauline sent me some images of work at Denbigh. The first few are details of the various sea creatures in Pauline’s long fishing net. Thanks Pauline.


IMG_0863 IMG_0864 IMG_0865 IMG_0867 IMG_0873 IMG_0876 IMG_0877 IMG_0883 IMG_0907

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